ThingPulse develops, promotes and sells IoT hardware and software for both makers and consumers. Find out more in the About section.

For those interested in making IoT projects ThingPulse offers both introductory and advanced developer workshops in Zurich, Switzerland. Sample topic: “Advanced IoT with ESP32 and Platform IO”.

From Your Vision to Your Product

Have an idea for an IoT product but lack the expertise and/or the manufacturing resources? We have got you covered. Besides launching our own products from time to time we design, develop and manufacture IoT products for customers – globally. Thanks to our network of manufacturing partners we are in a position to produce even small batches at very interesting rates.

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Latest Blog Posts

  • ePulse Feather C6: Featured in Make Magazine
    We’re thrilled to announce that the German Make magazine has featured our ePulse Feather C6 development board in its latest issue. This recognition highlights our commitment to innovation and the inclusive spirit of the maker community. The ePulse Feather C6 isn’t just another development board; it’s a versatile tool designed to empower makers of all skill levels in bringing their projects to life. Join us as we delve into what this recognition means for us and the broader maker movement.
  • ESP32 Color Kit Grande – New Illustrated Step-By-Step Guide
    Since we launched the ESP32 Color Kit Grande Starter Kit in 2023 it has been a big success. Now we have taken the time to add illustrations to the step-by-step guide to make it even easier for you to assemble.
  • Spicy Prototypes: ESP32-S3 Pendrive
    The ESP32 family of chips never ceases to impress; with just a few lines of code, you can turn an ESP32-S3 board into a WiFi dongle, connecting a host computer to WiFi via USB. Or you can run a script to infiltrate a target computer. Additionally, you can turn it into a memory stick with… Read more: Spicy Prototypes: ESP32-S3 Pendrive
  • Microsoft Teams presence on Icon64
    Displaying your Microsoft Teams presence on Icon64, the ThingPulse LED matrix device, is a great way to let others around you know whether you are available or whether they would be interrupting your meeting. We are pleased to announce a brand-new app for the Icon64 that allows you to broadcast your Microsoft Teams presence to… Read more: Microsoft Teams presence on Icon64
  • USB Settings for Logging with the ESP32-S3 in PlatformIO
    The ESP32-S3 is endowed with two noteworthy USB features that its predecessor, the original ESP32, lacked: USB OTG and USB CDC/JTAG. This blog post delves into the platformio.ini settings that govern the USB behavior of the ESP32-S3, with a particular focus on logging in CDC/JTAG mode.

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