ThingPulse develops, promotes and sells IoT hardware and software for both makers and consumers. Find out more in the About section.

For those interested in making IoT projects ThingPulse offers both introductory and advanced developer workshops in Zurich, Switzerland. Sample topic: “Advanced IoT with ESP32 and Platform IO”.

From Your Vision to Your Product

Have an idea for an IoT product but lack the expertise and/or the manufacturing resources? We have got you covered. Besides launching our own products from time to time we design, develop and manufacture IoT products for customers – globally. Thanks to our network of manufacturing partners we are in a position to produce even small batches at very interesting rates.

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Latest Blog Posts

  • ePulse Feather & ESPNow: A Dream Team
    In an earlier blog post we described how to use the ePulse dev board to send messages over ESPNow to achieve ultra long battery life. Now we wanted to test our new development board – the ePulse Feather – with a similar setup.
  • Icon64 – Word Clock
    In this short video we are showing how easy it is to turn the Icon64 into a beautiful word clock.
  • Breathing LEDs – cracking the algorithm behind our breathing pattern
    When was the last time you were thinking about your breathing pattern or the algorithm that forms it (or does the pattern form the algorithm)? I guess it is safe to assume that if your answer is “never” or “it’s been ages” you will be like most readers. Also, if the term spirometry does not … Read more
  • ESP32 – Ultra-Long Battery Life With ESP-NOW
    In an earlier blog post, we presented tricks to increase the battery life of your typical ESP8266 or ESP32 application. In this blog post, we show you how to prolong your device’s battery life from 7 months to 44(!) months.
  • Swiss CO2-monitor using Icon64
    Using our Icon64 acoustic LED device we built a truly Swiss CO2-monitor by integrating a Sensirion SCD4x CO2 sensor – designed, engineered and built in Switzerland. The SDC4x offers an unmatched price-to-performance ratio despite coming from a country with very high living and production costs. Furthermore, it more than breaks the size barrier in CO2 … Read more

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