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ESP32 workshop – what you learn

You will learn a lot if you attend a ThingPulse IoT workshop. Guaranteed! However, with every workshop we learn something new as well. Find out about a few of the topics below.

We recently ran a full-day workshop at the CH Open workshop days on the beautiful HSR campus in Rapperswil. We had submitted two workshops but the one that got accepted was “You’ve Got Mail – Advanced IoT with ESP32”. We had a really cool crowd of eleven software developers most of whom coming from Java-like backend developer positions. There were a few guys with hardware and C/C++ background which was fantastics. They corrected us on C++ subtleties we hadn’t mastered yet ourselves.

As for the hardware we were working with LILYGO TTGO T-Camera ESP32 modules. That in itself was a worthwhile experience as for once it was none of our own products.

LILYGO TTGO T-Camera ESP32 module

We thought that to wrap up that workshop we could write a series of blog posts each covering just a single topic. So, over the course of the upcoming weeks we will be publishing posts about the below topics. You can easily follow our progress based on the number of topics that are linked to a post already. Come along:

If this sounds like something you do not want to miss – why would you? – then let yourself get notified about each new post. You can either subscribe to this site’s feed with your favorite RSS reader. As we will be announcing new posts on Twitter you can also just follow us there.

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