100mAh Anki Overdrive Replacement LiPo Battery

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Anki Overdrive replacment battery

  • 3.7V LiPo
  • 100mAh (~30% more than original)
  • Fits into Anki Overdrive cars

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20% discount for buying 3!


This battery fits into Anki Overdrive cars and can replace the old original battery. With a total of 100mAh, this battery also has ~30% more capacity than the battery originally included in the cars.



Tool required: Solder iron with thin tip, some solder, sponge, a blade and a Phillips screw driver


Open the car with the screw driver. Only the screw close to the optical sensor needs to be opened.


Take the car chassis and the top apart from each other. But the screw in a safe place. Clean everything from the dust inside the car.


Use a thin blade to carefully lift the green PCB over the black latches


Carefully fold the PCB back. Make sure that the four red and black wires don’t get destroyed.


Carefully heat the solder spot where the battery is connected to the PCB. Make sure that the wires don’t touch each other or the other places on the PCB!


Now solder the new battery to the PCB: the red wire is connected to the pad with the “+” sign, the black wire to the pad with the “-” sign. The new battery is slightly thicker, but this is not a problem.


Now carefully put the battery back in place and tun the PCB to close the chassis. Put the plastic cover back in place. Test the proper connection of the battery by pressing the gray button underneath the car. Now the green LED in the center of the PCB should light up. Now you only need to put the top part backl in place and use the screw driver the close everything up.



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