ESP32-S3: Pendrive S3 128MB


  • ESP32-S3 PCB with
    • WS2812B RGB Led
    • Capacitive Touch Button (Spring)
  • USB Drive Plastic Enclosure
  • Plastic Box

ETA for the next batch: June 28, 2024

Available on backorder

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The ThingPulse Pendrive S3 is an ESP32-S3 device with USB-C plug, WS2812B RGB LED and 128MB of flash. With the help of TinyUSB the ESP32-S3 can pretend to be many USB devices, such as:

  • USB Memory Stick
  • USB Keyboard
  • USB Mouse
  • Audio device
  • Video device
  • Networking device

CircuitPython Support

The Pendrive S3 runs CircuitPython, a Python dialect optimized for microcontrollers:


  • As BadUSB Device with SuperWiFiDuck it can do KeyStroke injections (see next paragraph)
  • As WiFiDisk it can be mounted by any regular computer like a memory stick and synchronize the files on the disk to the cloud
  • As WiFiDongle it can add an additional WiFi networking device to any computer/ phone

Application – BadUSB

Imagine having full control over any computer in seconds, simply by plugging in a device. That’s the power of tools that emulate a USB keyboard. Because computers inherently trust keyboards, these devices can take command with lightning speed.

Meet the BadUSB, a device that pretends to be a keyboard, bombarding the computer with hundreds of keystrokes per second—far faster than any human could type. By utilizing a straightforward scripting language, you can program a BadUSB to execute any commands you want.

Now, take this concept to the next level with the WiFi Duck. This innovative tool lets you manage all your scripts wirelessly through a user-friendly web interface. No need for app installations, logging in, or tedious script transfers. With the WiFi Duck, everything is at your fingertips, making it easier than ever to unleash the full potential of a BadUSB device.


Command Example Description
REM REM Hello World! Comment
DEFAULTDELAY 200 Time in ms between every command
DELAY DELAY 1000 Delay in ms
STRING STRING Hello World! Types the following string
REPEAT or REPLAY REPEAT 3 Repeats the last command n times
LOCALE LOCALE DE Sets the keyboard layout. List
KEYCODE KEYCODE 0x02 0x04 Types a specific key code (modifier, key1[, …, key6]) in decimal or hexadecimal
LED LED 40 20 10 Changes the color of the LED in decimal RGB values (0-255)
Programming the Pendrive in the browser over SuperWifiDuck


Sample Script

The following script opens notepad.exe, and writes “Hello World” in it:

REM Hello World for Windows PCs
STRING notepad
STRING Hello World!




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