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Icon64, ESP32, 64x WS2812B, DAC, Loudspeaker – USB cable not included

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The Icon64 is built around the ESP32 WROVER B micro controller module. It boasts 64 individually addressable WS2812b RGB LEDs. This means you can draw beautiful symbols onto its front face. But that’s not all! The Icon64 also features a MAX98357a amplifier that drives a 4Ohm on-board speaker. This component assembly makes the Icon64 the perfect device for any use case that requires wireless optical and/or acoustical signage – or for a colorful Bluetooth loud speaker.

Powerful Hardware

The Icon64 is built around a powerful micro controller, the ESP32. This controller has two cores running at up to 240MHz. This powerhouse lets you decode MP3 streams at the same time as calculating the frequency spectrum with the Fast Fourier Transformation (FFT) algorithm.

But the ESP32 is not only powerful, it also good with communication. The integrated WiFi module lets you connect the Icon64 to your local network or even the internet. Alternatively, you can also use the Bluetooth module to connect the Icon64 to your smartphone. Easily build a Bluetooth loudspeaker with just a few lines of code.

Pre-Installed Bluetooth Speaker Application

You can program the Icon64 to your own needs, but you don’t have to.  It comes with the firmware installed from the video above. With the following lines of code you can turn the Icon64 into a bluetooth speaker:

#include "BluetoothA2DPSink.h"

// Audio Settings
#define I2S_DOUT      25
#define I2S_BCLK      26
#define I2S_LRC       22
#define MODE_PIN      33

#define DEVICE_NAME "ThingPulse-Icon64"

BluetoothA2DPSink a2dp_sink;

static const i2s_pin_config_t pin_config = {
    .bck_io_num = I2S_BCLK,
    .ws_io_num = I2S_LRC,
    .data_out_num = I2S_DOUT,
    .data_in_num = I2S_PIN_NO_CHANGE

void setup() {
    // Mode Pin enables the DAC
    pinMode(MODE_PIN, OUTPUT);
    digitalWrite(MODE_PIN, HIGH);

    a2dp_sink.start((char*) DEVICE_NAME);

void loop() {}

If you like to see what you hear you can add a spectrum analyzer with 8 frequency bands. You can find the complete code on github

Made for Makers

ThingPulse devices are always open for extension applied by you. You can program the device over the integrated CP2104 chip conveniently in C/C++, Lua, Micropython or any other language which supports the ESP32 microcontroller. We provide sample applications for C/C++ on the Arduino platform to get you started in no time. These sample applications show you how to use the LEDs or the integrated DAC.

But the Icon64 is not only great for your software ideas. We made 19 GPIO pins available in a 2.54mm pitch on the PCB. Together with 3V3, GND and VUSB this lets you add your own extensions easily. Do you want to add a CO2 sensor? No problem. We are curious about what you will build with this flexibility!


Versatile Enclosure

We wanted the Icon64 to look pretty in your living room! So we chose a beautiful enclosure for it. You can either put the Icon64 flat on the table or also in an upright position. Do you need the device to be attached to the wall? No problem, the detachable back of the enclosure has holes to fix the devices with screws to the wall (screws not included).

Fight COVID-19 with CO2 sensor

By attaching a CO2 sensor to the Icon64 you can turn it into a beautiful CO2 device. Monitor indoor air quality with 64 LEDs! Higher levels of CO2 can indicate that the room should be ventilated to lower the risk of getting infected with COVID-19. To use the Icon64 as a CO2 monitoring device you need to add either a MH-Z19C or SCD4x CO2 sensor. We provide ready-made software that supports both.

Icon64 with embedded MH-Z19 or SCD4x sensor to measure the CO2 level


Technical Specification


Feature Description
Microcontroller ESP32-D0WD
Power Supply 5V via Micro USB, cable not included
Extension Points 19 GPIO pins in 2.54mm pitch, 3V3, GND and VUSB
Flash 4MB
PSRAM 8MB (currently only 4MB addressable)
RGB Leds 64x WS212b 3030, individually addressable
Audio MAX98357a chip, 4Ohm Mini Loudspeaker
Interaction Tactile Switch, connected to GPIO pin
Device Dimensions 86x86x30mm



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