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ESP32 workshop – what you learn

You will learn a lot if you attend a ThingPulse IoT workshop. Guaranteed! However, with every workshop we learn something new as well. Find out about a few of the topics below.

We recently ran a full-day workshop at the CH Open workshop days on the beautiful HSR campus in Rapperswil. We had submitted two workshops but the one that got accepted was “You’ve Got Mail – Advanced IoT with ESP32”. We had a really cool crowd of eleven software developers most of whom coming from Java-like backend developer positions. There were a few guys with hardware and C/C++ background which was fantastics. They corrected us on C++ subtleties we hadn’t mastered yet ourselves.

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The ESP8266 Spotify Remote – Engineering Challenges

Do you know this situation: you are listening to a playlist from Spotify on your stereo but just can’t figure out who is singing that song? Since you are sitting comfortably on your couch (too far away from your stereo) you think how this problem could be solved with some clever engineering. You quickly draw up a mental design in your head: a ESP8266 based device connects over the net to Spotify. Then every few seconds it downloads information about the currently played song. Maybe some cover art too and display it on a color display! It can’t be THAT hard, right? This post explains the challenges I faced when implementing the ESP8266 Spotify remote and how I solved them.

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