Yes, we build stuff you can buy.

But…we also offer services so you can build stuff – and likely sell.

  • IoT consulting
    We have been in this industries long enough to have a good understanding of what works and what does not. Also, we know which technology is best suited for which use case.
  • Software / firmware development
    We stumbled into the IoT world years ago as experienced software engineers. It was just that the devices our code runs on got quite a bit smaller (e.g. ESP32 micro controller vs. Linux server). We feel at home with Java, Python and web technologies just like we do with C/C++ and the Arduino framework(s).
  • Electronics design
    We design the devices that shift electrons so that our firmware can then shift bits.
  • Cost-effective manufacturing
    We rely on a battle-proven network of manufacturing partners in Asia to build, assemble and test devices. From day one our goal has been to find ways to produce even small batches (10-100pcs) at low cost to keep upfront investments low. This strategy includes having our own warehouse in China from which we ship globally to our customers.

We understand there is no one-size fits all when it comes to IoT projects. Together with you we find out how we can best help you become successful with your ideas. Also, we see ourselves more as committed partners than as suppliers who simply want to see their rates covered. This is reflected in the specific compensation model we develop for your project. Start small, think big – together with you.

We would love to tailor an offer specifically to your needs. Talk to us!