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ePulse Feather C6: Featured in Make Magazine

ePulse Feather C6 in German Make Magazine

Exciting news! The German Make magazine has spotlighted our ePulse Feather C6 development board in its latest issue. Join us as we explore this recognition and what it means for the maker community.

Being featured in Make magazine is a big deal for us. It’s a nod to our dedication to innovation and the vibrant spirit of the maker movement. Our ePulse Feather C6 development board, highlighted in their latest issue, represents our commitment to creating accessible and versatile tools for makers of all skill levels.

The ePulse Feather C6 isn’t just another development board. It’s the result of countless hours of hard work and refinement, designed to empower makers in their projects, whether they’re working on IoT devices, home automation or wearable tech.

What sets our board apart is its user-friendly design and comprehensive documentation. We believe that electronics should be accessible to everyone, regardless of their technical expertise. This recognition from Make magazine validates our efforts in this regard.

ePulse Feather C6 in German Make Magazine
ePulse Feather C6 in German Make Magazine

As we celebrate this milestone, we’re reminded of the vibrant community that drives the maker movement forward. We’re grateful to Make magazine for shining a spotlight on our work and for their support of makers worldwide.

So, what’s next for us? With this recognition under our belt, we’re more inspired than ever to continue pushing the boundaries of what’s possible and to empower makers to bring their ideas to life.


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