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ESP32 Color Kit Grande – New Illustrated Step-By-Step Guide

Since we launched the ESP32 Color Kit Grande Starter Kit in 2023 it has been a big success. Now we have taken the time to add illustrations to the step-by-step guide to make it even easier for you to assemble.

Our mission is to make electronics and IoT accessible to everyone. So good instructions are very important and we took the time to further improve our guide.

Color Kit Grande Guide with Step by Step Instructions

Get your ESP32 Color Kit Grande now!

2 thoughts on “ESP32 Color Kit Grande – New Illustrated Step-By-Step Guide

  1. I use mine everyday! In fact I have two, one in my closet and one in the kitchen.

  2. I purchased a kit and found it easy to assemble. Software is a different matter entirely. I completed it to the point where I down loaded the Visual Studio code, opened settings.h and configured the file. from there, there are no instructions on what to do. I don’t find an alien face or any way to upload the software into the device.
    Are there better step by step instructions available that can help me complete this project?


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